Cotswold Balloon Safaris

Cotswold Balloon Safaris

Take an idyllic Cotswold setting and one of the most exhilarating modes of transport. Add a small group of people, give them the promise of an amazing experience in-the-making and let the excitement mount…

Captain Mike and his team are here to give you or your loved ones some amazing, life-affirming experiences. Every balloon flight is a unique adventure – with a great mix of people and stunning sights to see. You or your loved ones will enjoy a collection of awe-inspiring moments, jaw dropping vistas and experiences to cherish.

To make it all work, they just need four things: an experienced pilot, a top-quality balloon, a perfect setting and you…

Ellenborough Park are extremely proud to be one of the take-off locations too so you could even grab a coffee or something stronger at the bar once you settle back down on steady ground.

To find out more please visit the Cotswold Balloon Safaris website.