Your Ultimate Guide to the UK’s Most Unusual Summer Events


There’s something about a rare sunny day that can make even the most astute Englishman act a little bit peculiar. While this may be strange to witness, if you’re looking to get involved with events that allow you to try something a bit different, then you’re in luck.

Here is the ultimate guide to Britain’s quirkiest, most unusual summer events and festivals that are still left to enjoy:


If you live in Gloucester you may have suddenly become very aware of the hashtag #Chelt300 being used and wonder to yourself, “what is #Chelt300?” Well, it is a new festival that launched in May 2016 in order to celebrate the history of Cheltenham since it was first founded in 1716 – 300 years ago – hence #Chelt300. You’ll find life size images of everyone who put Cheltenham on the map here, from King George III through to the founder of the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones.

Telephone boxes will also be elaborately decorated, providing tourists with a great opportunity for a quick selfie. If you’re interested in art and history, then this is definitely an event well suited to you. Running from now through to autumn, visit Cheltenham to enjoy all this event has to offer.

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Bog Snorkelling Championships

It really is as strange as it sounds. The aim of this competition is to swim two lengths of a 60-yard peat bog as fast as you can, wearing flippers and a snorkel. What’s more peculiar than the event itself is the amount of spectators that this event draws in every August. For one weekend a year, Waen Rhydd in Mid-Wales is teeming with visitors who just can’t wait to see people dive, splash and splutter their way through the 120-yard course.

Think we’re making this one up? Check it out for yourself:


Bognor Bird Man

Imagine people jumping off a cliff on England’s South Coast with the grand ambitions of flying. Sound ridiculous? Well, every September it becomes a reality, with a horde of men and women testing out their homemade flying machines by launching off a cliff into high tide. This is an absolute wonder to witness and complete madness to enter – although there are plenty of prizes up for grabs, which lure people back every year.

You can learn more about the Bognor Birdman on their website


World Belly Board Championships

Just because it’s held in September doesn’t mean that this doesn’t count as a summer event, and strange is exactly what this is. Essentially, it is a free-for-all competition with no entry fee, no age limits… no restrictions whatsoever really! Running since 2003 and held at Chapel Porth, this event is British eccentricity at its finest.

Come and enjoy a cup of tea, a cucumber sandwich and a romping old time of the waves at the World Belly Boarding Championships!


Cheltenham is a beautiful town with lots to see and do all year round. From music and food festivals to cultural hot spots worth exploring and great shopping to enjoy, it is the perfect destination for a long weekend away.

Shops in Cheltenham

If you decide to discover the delights of this wonderful Regency town and are coming from afar, why not make a weekend of it?

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