A History of Ellenborough Park – Part II


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… After many years of the building being used as a family home, the turn of the 20th century brought with it plenty of change and the building found itself being used for something else entirely…

E. Park - Front View - at Night - 2

After the Earl of Ellenborough’s stay, Southam de la Bere then became home to Mrs Ratcliff and her daughters Lilian and Phyllis. Withstanding the brutal force of two World Wars, the women spent many a happy year here, working locally, nursing soldiers back to health and supporting the local community and holding parties and pantomimes for children. Continuing to contribute to the local community, the following residents of the property, Ms Bellamy and Ms Brown turned Southam de la Bere into the Oriel High School for Girls, providing a slice of competition for the longstanding Cheltenham Ladies!

Surprisingly to some, it was not until around 1973 that the site first became a hotel. Hotel de la Bere encompassed a sports club and function rooms with dated floral decor and the hotel ended up closing due to difficulties in 2008.

After much refurbishment and with a sweeping new drive and 61 rooms, Ellenborough Park was born in 2010. Not wanting to forget how well loved this property has been for over 500 years, we have not only preserved but have striven to enhance the tapestry of history that is woven into our walls and woodwork.

Come and see the history for yourself.

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