Make Your Christmas a Magical One this Year


Our Housekeepers at Ellenborough Park, one of the finest hotels in Cheltenham, have crafted a list of helpful tips on how to create a Christmas to remember…

We know that it can be stressful when you are cooking for plenty and playing host to your nearest and dearest, but it really doesn’t have to be. Dazzle your guests with a festive season to remember with our top tips for making this Christmas an enchanting one.

A Seasonal Setting

Think Lighting

Whether you choose to adorn your home in fairy lights, light a few scented Christmas candles or get a roaring fire going, dim lighting and warmth are key to creating a cosy and festive atmosphere.


Winter is one of nature’s most beautiful seasons, so make use of the great outdoors and bring it inside. Think pine cones, painted leaves, holly berries and dried oranges on the mantelpiece – you could also sprinkle some icing sugar down and draw hoof prints in it to add a little magic to the occasion for the little ones.

Festive Dining

For a feast to remember, add a twist to Christmas classics. Try cooking your ham in Coca Cola, make a sprout salad or choose to barbecue your meats rather than roast them. As it is the season of sharing – you could also opt for communal serving plates to dish up your feast, encouraging everyone to get stuck in.

The Entertainment

Don’t feel like you have to stay inside on the 25th – suggest a stroll to walk off those roast potatoes or take a dip if you live by the sea and are feeling brave! Breaking up the day can sometimes be a good thing.

You don’t want to make your guests feel like you are forcing them to have fun, but have a selection of board games on hand for after lunch. Later, choose a festive film for a cosy evening in front of the fire.

Finishing Touches

Around the Home

Place fluffy towels and scented hand wash in the bathroom to provide your guests with that added touch of luxury to make their stay with you extra special.

At the Table

Add a little something extra to your Christmas meal time, such as personalised crackers or place names designed by the children and create an atmosphere with a festive playlist that you can leave running while your guests enjoy their lunch.

Creating a magical Christmas doesn’t have to be a stress – if you plan far enough in advance, that is. For those who would much rather kick back and relax? Book yourself in for a festive treat at one of the best hotels in Cheltenham and let us do all the hard work for you.

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