Struggling to Plan Your Christmas Party This Year?


If you are unsure whether to opt for a private affair or a joiner event, we are here to help you make that all-important Christmas party decision in time for the festive season.

You know you are searching for a celebration filled with sophisticated bubbles, stylish dancing and award-winning food – but with so many party options to choose from, you are unsure which one to go for. A quiet Christmas lunch with colleagues? Or something a little more special?

We are here to help make the best decision for you by providing a little insight into both joint and private events…

Joiner Parties

Provide a unique choice
Not many people get to share their Christmas celebration with others, but your unsuspecting guests might be pleasantly surprised by conversations with new people and a lively atmosphere.

A chance to network
Mixing with other companies and parties allows you to forge valuable connections with other local businesses and make new friends in a relaxed environment.

Perfect for smaller businesses and start ups
Smaller companies looking for something larger than life get to experience all the frivolities of a livelier event with their smaller team in tow.

Cost effective
With drinks packages and set menus, joiner parties mean you don’t have to fork out a fortune for your end of year celebrations.

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Private Events

Time to bond
With all that work to do throughout the year, it’s nice to finally spend some quality time with colleagues outside of the office – something only a private dinner can allow.

More personal
Tailor the party schedule to suit you and your needs and decorate the venue as you please (within reason, of course).

Choice of venue
Joiner parties tend to be held in one large room, selected by the venue. With private parties, you often get more of a say over which room you dine in, allowing you to create the perfect night in a more interesting and intimate location.

Combine your staff meeting with your Christmas party
You might be planning to start your Christmas party with a staff round-up, taking your team through from a productive meeting or event, to kicking up their heels at a festive celebration all in one day. A more private affair can allow you to do just this.

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Whether you choose to opt for an intimate lunch or a shared party with other guests, celebrate in style and luxury and dine on the finest Christmas dinner in Cheltenham at Ellenborough Park.

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