Getting married in the New Year? We Bring You the Top Wedding Trends Set to Take 2017 by Storm


Planning a wedding can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. As one of the top wedding venues in Cheltenham, our wedding planners have got their finger on the pulse when it comes to up and coming trends. Here they give you their predictions for the wedding fashions set to sky rocket in the new year.

Rustic? Traditional? A theme, perhaps? Although you might be inclined to think of your own way to decorate your special day, source some inspiration from these 2017 trends.

Surprise Settings

From converted warehouses to grand gazebos, much like ours at Ellenborough Park, couples are opting for more interesting venues to host their special day. Enjoy an evening under the stars in our opulent outdoor wedding venue in Cheltenham for a magical occasion to remember.

Metallic Mania

Hues of silver and gold will be coming to the fore next year. Think brushed, glistening fabrics and shiny additions to an otherwise simple setting for 2017 wedding splendour.

Unpolished Perfection

Although fresh floral arrangements are here to stay, it is time to get creative with how you present them on the table. Stay firmly on trend and mix things up a bit with a more rustic look and remain whimsical with where you place your flowers.

Fascinating Favours

A bag of sugar coated almonds just won’t cut it in 2017. Think outside the box with mini bottles of gin or personalised flip flops for your guests to take home in order to make your wedding stand out from the rest.

These 2017 wedding trends will help to make your day extra magical, and if you’re looking for something more, book into our wedding venue in the Cotswolds for the perfect finish.

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