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The experts at our luxury spa in Cheltenham bring you their recommendations for the most relaxing and indulgent time at Ellenborough Park

From facials and wraps to peels and pedicures, our spa at Ellenborough Park provides a treatment to suit all needs, desires and occasions. If you’re not sure what type of treatment your body might be craving, the therapists at our luxury spa have brought you some suggestions to help you choose.

Ishga Seaweed Wrap

This amazing wrap is the perfect antidote to dry winter skin.  The treatment starts with a salt and oil body scrub, which exfoliates the skin, and is followed by an application of organic seaweed. The seaweed is fantastic to help moisturise, detoxify and tone the skin, ideal for those with eczema, psoriasis or very dry skin and the wrap helps to reduce water retention and remove trapped lactic acid from tightened muscles. Whilst you are wrapped up, you will also receive a relaxing head massage – the perfect way to help you unwind and de-stress after a long day.

55 minutes, £75

Ishga Facial

Ishga products are hand blended in the Hebrides using local organic seaweed, sea water and healing muds. This unique blend of ingredients has an answer to every skin type. The high seaweed content means these products are ideal for calming both sensitive and hypersensitive skins and thistle oil helps balance sebum production in oily skins, whilst geranium oil increases oil production in dry skins. An indulgent facial designed to nourish the skin, relieve tensions and promote tranquility.

55 minutes, £75

Monu Face Peel

If your skin needs an intensive boost, our Monu Face Peel is the one for you. Natural fruit acids dissolve dead skin cells, allowing hydrating and nourishing products to soak into the skin.  Perfect for brides, those with problematic skin or for people who need to give their skin a boost, we recommend a course of six treatments for you to fully benefit from this amazing treatment.

55 minute, £75


Our go to treatment for those with busy lives who are looking to calm the mind and nourish the soul. Ila’s Kundalini massage is designed to sooth and restore emotionally exhausted souls. Chakra and sound healing combine with soothing massage techniques and pressure point therapy to create a stillness in the body and mind, so if you need to take time out of your hectic life, we cannot recommend this treatment enough.

55 minutes, £75

Skin Analysis

Not sure what your skin needs?  Book in for a Skin Analysis and our therapists will take you through your skin’s needs using a lamp, which will analyse your skin up to two layers under the surface.  Our therapists will then advise you on the best way to address these concerns and how best to work with your skin to create a beautiful complexion.

25 minutes, £25

As you can see, we have plenty for you to choose from at Ellenborough Park. If you would like to choose your own treatment, view our Cheltenham spa treatment brochure.

Otherwise, call us on 01242 807172 or enquire today.

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