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We bring you some must ask questions when speaking to your wedding planner

Planning a wedding is a hugely exciting time but it can also seem like a pretty daunting task to begin with. To help get you started, our wonderful team of wedding experts here at Ellenborough Park, one of the finest wedding venues in the Cotswolds, have put together a list of helpful questions to ask your wedding planner ahead of the big day.

Get to know your planner

The right wedding planner will save you time, money and pass on inside knowledge to ensure the smooth running of your wedding preparations. Make sure you find the right person for you by asking them:

  • How many times do you typically meet with clients during the planning phase?
  • Do you prefer to communicate in person, by phone, or via e-mail?
  • What’s your wedding style? Is it always the same?
  • Can you provide us with a portfolio of weddings you’ve worked on before?

The Nitty Gritty Money Talk 

Not the most exciting conversation to have but certainly the most important. Asking these questions will enable you to get a sense of not only what kind of wedding you want to plan, but also whether you can realistically afford it. Be sure to ask:

  • Do you charge a flat fee, a percentage of my total budget or an hourly amount?
  • Are there additional fees we should know about?
  • Can you provide a list of all the items included in the package, plus any extras?

The Venue

Finding the right venue for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you make in the wedding planning process. It will influence your colour scheme, vendors, budget and decor. Our exquisite wedding venue in the Cotswolds has a variety of options available. From exclusive use weddings where the entire hotel is yours to celebrate in to more intimate affairs with a select few family and friends, we’ve got the perfect Cotswolds wedding venue for you. Make sure you ask the following questions when discussing the venue with your wedding planner:

  • Have you ever worked at the venue we’ve chosen?
  • In the unfortunate event of bad weather, will you have a contingency plan?

Understand the scope of their services 

To avoid any unwanted surprises, find out exactly what your wedding planner’s service will include. This will enable you to forecast exactly how much input you will need to make.

  • How involved will you be in our wedding day?
  • What parts, if any, of the planning process are we solely responsible for?


The vendors will also play a huge part in the success of your wedding day and a good wedding planner will find you the best wedding partners in the area or give you the freedom to choose your own with their assistance.

  • Do you have a set list of vendors you usually use?
  • Do we have the flexibility to use a vendor you haven’t worked with before?
  • Will you be present at all of the vendor meetings and will you assist us in reviewing all of the vendor contracts and making sure everything’s in order?
  • If issues arise with the vendors before, during or after our wedding, will you handle them or are we responsible for this?

Ask these questions when you meet with your wedding planner to help ensure a smooth wedding planning process. Professional advice is offered by our team of experienced wedding co-ordinators when you book your wedding at our exclusive wedding venue in the Cotswolds. Your expert wedding planner will guide you through the entire process, from your very first viewing of the hotel to our rated and recommended suppliers.

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