Everything you need to know about hiring our new Bainton Bikes


Here at Ellenborough Park, we are excited to have recently partnered up with the wonderful Bainton Bikes. This means we now have a selection of bicycles available for hire from our luxury Cotswold Hotel, allowing you to explore our stunning country estate and the surrounding area with ease.

Here is everything you need to know about hiring our Bainton Bikes…

What are Bainton Bikes?

Bainton Bikes is an independently owned cycle hire and tours company based in Oxford. They have been operating since 2009 and specialise in cycle hire, tours and holidays, providing a safe, fun and memorable outdoor experience. We are lucky enough to have a selection of Bainton Bikes now available for hire during your stay at Ellenborough Park.

Where to cycle

Caught between the Cotswolds highest point and the lush green gallops of Cheltenham Racecourse, Ellenborough Park’s stunning 15th-century country estate and the surrounding countryside are steeped in history making it the perfect place to rent a bicycle and go exploring.

View some local cycle paths

How to rent a bike with us

To book a bicycle, guests can simply use their phone or borrow one of our iPads to log onto www.baintonbikes.com and click on Cycle Hire. You will then need to download the Donkey App on your phone via www.donkey.bike or by typing Donkey App into the App Store on your mobile.

How the rental period works

The start of the rental period and the end of the rental period are both triggered by the opening and the closing of the bike lock. The rental starts as soon as you press the ‘Unlock’ button after your rental start time, and finishes when you lock the bike at the end of the rental period and press the ‘End rental’ button.

Make sure you remember to lock your bike at the end of the day as you will continue to be charged until you press the ‘End rental’ button.


Bicycle Hire is £15 per day or £7.50 for 2 hours.

We also have 4 helmets for guests to use free of charge when hiring a bicycle. They are stored in our Boots Room.


We hope that answers any questions you may have about our marvellous new Bainton Bikes. For more information on how to rent a bike during your stay at our beautiful Cotswold Hotel, call us on 01242 545454 and for 10% off pre-booked spa treatments, best available room upgrades and for a best rate guarantee. Alternatively, you can book your luxury stay direct online. Happy Cycling!


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