The Corporate Activities Your Team Will Thank You For


When you think of corporate activities, you probably think of crowding around a table or standing on a lawn counting down the hours until it’s time to break out or grab lunch. Your corporate away day doesn’t have to be this way. When it comes to team building, Cheltenham is the perfect place to motivate and inspire your team; think Land Rover Experience Days, Cheltenham Racecourse and shooting. But that’s not all…

Instead of a cliché problem-solving game, why not try to build a hot air balloon?

Unique and sure to be a game your colleagues haven’t attempted before, building a hot air balloon tests your delegates on how well they listen and follow instructions. Working against the clock, the winning team will have successfully built the balloon and sent a blast of flame 30ft in the air. Exhilarating stuff!

Instead of a standard teamwork activity, give duck herding a go!

Certain to be hilarious and a talking point for weeks to come, duck herding is the perfect activity for getting your team to work as one. Showcasing the need for excellent communication skills, this fun game will ensure that everyone listens and exhibits plenty of patience to guide a group of ducks around obstacles and into their pen.

Instead of a tired icebreaker, try out a murder mystery…

If you are wanting to get your delegates talking, why not use a murder mystery evening to free up the flow of conversation? Colleagues will have to introduce themselves and their character to each other, making this the perfect activity for getting to know everyone before the next day’s meeting or event.

Instead of tame competition, why not experience rifle and pistol shooting?

Forget pen and paper competitions – the grounds of Ellenborough Park can be transformed into a range featuring scoped air rifles or hand-held pistols. Once you have received tuition from the on-hand expert, your team can work together to help develop each other’s skills while promoting some healthy competition to see who can hit the most targets.

We have the best meeting rooms in Cheltenham, so why not contact our dedicated events team to find out more about hosting your conference or team building day at Ellenborough Park? Break free from the monotony and get more out of your meetings.

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