Why You Should Get Married At Ellenborough Park


Your wedding day is a very special time in your life. With plenty of venues vying for your attention, you may wonder what is so special about Ellenborough Park. We could enthral you with tales of our history, photographs of our beautiful grounds and talk of our esteemed reputation as one of the finest wedding venues Cheltenham has ever seen, but we would much rather you heard about the Ellenborough Ever After first-hand.

After all, your wedding day is one that you want to remember. Here are just 5 reasons you should get married at Ellenborough Park.


We believe that every wedding day should be unique

Every couple’s commitment to each other comes with its own story and its own journey. Because no two weddings are the same, you deserve a day that is as unique as your love. You don’t want to look back on your photographs or memories in despair – that’s why we have dedicated wedding co-ordinators with a wealth of experience who are ready to tailor your day to exactly what you want. Every step of the way, from flowers to music, decorations to colour schemes, we know the best way is your way. Let Ellenborough become a blank canvas, and one that you can truly personalise for your own wonderful day.

Our wedding packages have been designed with you in mind

Gone is the tradition where the father of the bride paid for all the costs associated with a wedding. Regardless of how large or small you want your celebration, your budget should never feel like a burden or the elephant in the room.  We have carefully built several wedding packages that encompass the quality and experience you would naturally expect from an Ellenborough Park wedding. The best part? They can all be fully customised with additions – we told you that your special day should be unique! Packages are the perfect way to streamline your wedding planning process, not to mention the fact they cover smaller details you might usually forget. Craig and Carolin wed with us recently and opted for one of our packages: “the winter wedding package we chose was a great option for us and helped make our wedding affordable, without compromising on quality.”

Our food is hand-crafted and prepared with precision

“We loved everything at the tasting, but we tried to please the majority of our guests and we feel we achieved that thanks to our guests having a choice.” James and Alicia certainly understood that wedding food decisions can be a mammoth task. Family members might have dietary requirements, pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans – the list goes on! We understand the difficult decisions that can go with creating a menu and there is nothing worse than having to select dishes that don’t hit the mark. We think the best approach is to work with your co-ordinator and our head chef, David Williams to create a menu that you will truly enjoy. Trust us, they are more than happy to do so!

No task is too big or too small

In hospitality, everything begins and ends with service; that’s why we go above and beyond. We know that the small things can make a big difference to your day, so whether it’s having an emergency sewing kit, a calming moment to yourself or a spare umbrella –  you can rely on our staff to make it happen. Groom Erik agrees: “It’s the little touches, such as the waiter who came in when I was getting ready and kept my champagne topped up. He took the time to talk about football with me to calm my nerves.”

Your guests are part of your wedding family

We appreciate your guests and recognise that your special day doesn’t just involve the newlyweds. While you, as the happy couple, are the focus and priority on the day you wed, guests should never be overlooked. Mr and Mrs Gunnell’s wedding guests were impressed with the attention shown to the entire party. “So many people commented that the staff were so attentive and you all helped to make the day so special and memorable. I think some of our wedding party have even already booked to stay with you again!” Wedding days are magical events, so we make sure that that extra bit of sparkle extends out beyond the immediate bridal parties, and touches every single one of your guests.

Those are just some of the reasons why you deserve an Ellenborough Ever After. If you want to find out more about the wedding days celebrated by the couples mentioned in this blog, including the meals they chose on the day and their flower arrangements, you can see their wedding portfolios here.


To find out more about getting married at Ellenborough Park, you can contact a member of our events team or call us on 01242 802161. Be sure to download our wedding brochure, too!

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