How To Have An Efficient Meeting


Nothing divides opinion more than meetings. Venues in the Cotswolds such as ours understand the importance of bringing together like-minded individuals for the benefit of your business; here are Ellenborough’s top tips for hosting an efficient meeting.

Don’t call it a meeting

Put simply, meetings are all about boosting productivity and maintaining efficiency in your line of work. Did you know that the majority of employees find meetings to be counterproductive and a waste of time? Don’t let your business fall victim to this.

If you want to have an efficient meeting, make a simple change and call your meeting by another name. A gathering, team build, conference, assembly, away day or think tank – it can make all the difference to your team. Most importantly, break the stigma and get out of the office for fresh perspectives – this can help with low energy and engagement, too. Meeting rooms in Cheltenham don’t get much better than Ellenborough Park – we offer a whole host of options from rooms and activities to exclusive use.

Don’t wait for people to give you their attention

There is nothing worse than trying to get someone’s attention. We believe that the best way to maintain focus is to command attention and engagement throughout.

Not only can public speaking training boost your confidence, but you can go the extra mile and help people stay engaged by having a clear agenda that everyone can look at beforehand. Create an environment that will allow your colleagues or clients the space to relax, but not disengage – this should come as standard with your meeting room. Cheltenham is lucky that Ellenborough can offer your team five unique spaces, or even the entire property so you can be without distraction.

We believe that the 2/3 rule works perfectly for maintaining attention and focus; make sure that everyone involved in your meeting is involved in at least 2 of the 3 items on your list to address. Not only will this streamline attendance, it will also allow you to give attention to each attendee, and gain their focus in return.

Utilise technology

Technology is a blessing for businesses. From widescreen TVs for presentations to more advanced tech, you can utilise them all the to deliver your message, drive engagement and draw out opinions.

Consider handing out iPads to your meeting to help them follow along with your presentation, your points or any supplementary materials. It can also be a great idea to use a tablet device or laptop to keep track of your minutes or to register votes for an idea or motion. If you have any questions about how to implement technology, don’t hesitate to ask.

Stay over

For longer meetings or larger conferences, why not invite the team to stay over at Ellenborough Park? Not only can you spend time together and bond, you can also let our property’s 500-year history inspire your talks and guide your creativity. We are also able to offer breakfast meetings, so after a great night’s sleep you can face the day ready to get down to business. There’s a lot to be said about the convenience of cutting out a commute.

Food and refreshments

An efficient meeting will grant attendees ample break out time and plenty to eat or drink. Opt for foods that are known for their cognitive benefits, such as a fish lunch, fresh fruit such as blueberries, apples and bananas; even dark chocolate can help with memory and focus. Our kitchen team would be more than happy to prepare something special for you and your colleagues.

Are you longing to get the most out of your conferences or meetings? Venues in the Cotswolds look to Ellenborough Park – find out more about our business offering today via email, or call a member of the team. You can also view our latest meeting offers!

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