Tips for a Top Children’s Party


Looking to host a party for your little one? Perhaps you have invites ready for the class but don’t know where to start. We’re one of the most impressive party venues Cheltenham has to offer, so read on for helpful tips from our events coordinator.

At Ellenborough Park, we know that a party needs to be as memorable as it is manageable. We have plenty of events experience, so you can trust us to make sure that everything goes smoothly. There really is no other private party venue in Cheltenham quite like ours.


Decide on a Theme

It can be a tricky task, deciding on a theme for your child’s party. The best place to start is by asking them what their favourite things are. You could opt for an easy Disney theme and incorporate their favourite characters – from the cake to the table settings, it’s the perfect opportunity to hire an actor or a dedicated children’s party performer who has costumes. Alternatively, you could choose a theme such as:

  • Rainbows and crafts
  • Make believe
  • Pirates
  • Superheroes
  • Fairy tales
  • Under the sea
  • Magic and wizards
  • Book characters
  • Mini themed afternoon tea
  • What will you be when you are older fancy dress

The list is endless and can be catered to your child’s imagination.

We have plenty of space for fun and games at Ellenborough Park – we are, after all, the most exciting private party venue in Cheltenham. Host your child’s party with us and our property can become their fantasy for the day; our event coordinators will make all your little one’s dreams come true. Not only can we take the stress away when it comes to planning a party, we can help source tents and dens, bouncy castles, picnics and cakes – everything you need for a bespoke party that is full to the brim of interactive stories, crafts, treasure hunts and fancy dress. We believe in bringing a touch of magic to your child’s celebration, whatever their age.


Don’t Compete

There is nothing worse than worrying about attendance for your child’s party. To ensure that their friends can be there and can join in the fun, check the birthdates of other classmates and friends so you can try to avoid these dates. If suitable, you could do a joint birthday party to ensure that both children can celebrate with their friends. You don’t want guests to have to choose between two parties, a joint party can be twice the fun – at half the expense!


Prepare for the Unexpected

You need to be prepared for anything when it comes to children’s parties. From dietary requirements to unexpected guests, it’s worth speaking to parents in advance to make sure that everyone can be looked after. Some children aren’t used to being far from Mum or Dad for long and that’s understandable. If parents want to stay, Ellenborough Park has a fine selection of tea, coffee and other beverages – they could even have afternoon tea or a spot of lunch while they wait. Our grounds are large enough to have your own adventure and explore – why leave all the fun to the little ones? We can cater for all dietary requirements and we will make sure there is plenty of food and nibbles to go around, no matter who turns up!


Handling Gifts & Party Ideas

If you are concerned about how many presents your child might receive, then be sure to add to your invitation that presents are not required. Parents sometimes feel uncomfortable sending their children empty-handed, so you could say that attending is gift enough or if you host an activity-based party, you can request that parents bring along something that can be used during the fun; paints, puppets or crafting materials. If you choose to host your party at a venue like Ellenborough Park, you could also arrange for goodie bags to be handed out to the children – this way everyone gets a gift!


If you are looking for party venues, Cheltenham is your ideal destination. To host your party at Ellenborough Park, call a member of our events team today.


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