Spa Etiquette Do’s & Don’ts


The relaxation spaces at Ellenborough Park truly deserve their reputation as one of the most tranquil spas in the Cotswolds. If you long for unhurried lounging and want to rejuvenate and unwind, then read on for our spa etiquette do’s and don’ts.

Avoid all anxiety before you join us. Here is our advice on how to make the most of your spa visit.


Before you book

If you have uncontrolled blood pressure problems or are in the early stages of pregnancy then some massages are not advised. Guests who are worried about a pre-existing medical condition or who are in the first trimester of pregnancy should speak to a doctor before having a treatment. For minor queries or if you have any concerns about how a treatment may suit you, our expert therapists are able to utilise their knowledge and advise you before booking. Once you have seen a treatment that you like, be sure to look at our exclusive spa offers too.


Showering & shaving

Showering before your spa visit helps to open pores and allows your body to begin to detox in preparation for your treatment. For those opting for exfoliating treatments or male facials, we recommend avoiding shaving for at least 24 hours prior to your spa treatment, as doing so can cause sensitivity to the area. Remember, while there are showers available for use before or after your treatment, you should avoid using the shower or steam after you have seen a therapist. Doing so could undo the benefits of the essential oils used in a massage or disturb the serums and lotions that are applied during a facial.


Don’t be late

Being late can cause anxiety, which is the last thing you want when visiting a spa. Aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before your treatment to feel fully relaxed – or better yet, stay the night before. Here at Ellenborough, we have comfortable dressing gowns, slippers and even a relaxation room at your disposal. If you have booked a spa package or are a resident of the hotel, then arriving earlier can have even more benefits. The sooner you reach the spa, you can enjoy the spa’s Jacuzzi pool, sauna, steam room, immersive sensation showers, dedicated relaxation room and outdoor heated pool.



Try to avoid eating a heavy meal before you visit a spa. Doing so can cause you to feel bloated and uncomfortable. Instead, opt for something light so you can make the most of your treatment. We can offer a delicious light lunch in the Horse Box, or out on the terrace afterwards. It’s a lovely way to end the experience and chat about your treatments.



Please remove all jewellery before having a treatment in a spa. Jewellery can interfere with massages and certain treatments. If you would prefer not to remove an item, we understand. Simply tell your therapist and they can tweak your treatment to accommodate it.



Remember, spas are places of balance, zen and relaxation. As such, all our staff and therapists will use soft voices – this is to respect the space and other spa-goers. If you don’t wish to converse during your treatment, that is not a problem. Our therapists are experts in their field and adept at reading your body language. The idea of a wellbeing spa stems from the desire to ‘switch off,’ from technology and the outside world, so we ask that no mobile phones are used in the spa.


Spa breaks & relaxation in the Cotswolds

If you want to stay longer, and we can’t say we blame you, then our fine selection of spa days and breaks offer ultimate bliss for the duration of your time at Ellenborough Park. Stay in one of our luxurious rooms and you can take some time out in the spa or explore all the beauty of the Cotswolds that is right on our doorstep.


We hope these tips have helped. You can view all of our spa treatments here – each one has been designed to combine both Eastern and Western techniques.


To visit one of the finest spas in the Cotswolds, simply call a member of our team or book online today.

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