Health Trends to Expect in 2019


This year saw a surge in popularity for sustainable sourcing, vegan and vegetarian diets – as well as holistic approaches. For many years we have known about the benefits of spa treatments. Cheltenham residents and visitors alike have been lucky enough to experience the benefits of Ellenborough Park’s serene spa.


Our latest blog explores health trends to look forward to in 2019.


Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting

The popularity of the Ketogenic diet has begun to gain more and more momentum. The diet is based on the consumption of healthy fats and minimising carbohydrates and sugars. Those in favour of the diet believe that essential fats provide the building blocks to a healthy body and that by minimising or eliminating processed foods and sugars we can start to move toward a healthier lifestyle. Intermittent fasting is often used as a technique alongside the diet where Ketogenics delegate an eating window to their day.


Meso Nutrients

In 2018 we saw a rise in the awareness of micro and macro nutrients – macronutrients refers to the nutritional benefits we take from fats and carbohydrates and micro nutrients to the vitamins and minerals our bodies extract from foods. This technique allows us to tap into the active vitamin or mineral from micro nutrients so our bodies can readily digest these without having to break down the whole food. We suspect that with a growing focus on the nutritional content of our foods, meso nutrients will become a big trend in 2019.



Giving the ever-popular Retinol a run for its money is the vegan skin care solution, Bakuchoi. Heralded as a ‘herbal botox’ and a ‘natural retinol’, the solution works to provide anti-ageing benefits among a variety of other claims. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in the seeds of Psoralea Corylifolia, a plant found in Eastern Asia. Bakuchoi has been cited for its ability to be used on sensitive skin.

Whilst alternative health movements are having their time in the spotlight, along with this of course comes the awareness of caring for yourself in other ways. This goes further than the food you eat, but also the things you do. And personally, we think there is no better way to relax and rejuvenate than by booking into one of the finest spa breaks in the Cotswolds.


If you have been debating a visit to Cheltenham, spa treatments such as those available at our spa have been cited as a highly beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. To find out what treatments we offer click here or contact the team today.

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