Day out at Sudeley Castle – 20th Sept 2020


Off we head to Sudeley Castle for the day, myself and 4 children under 12. First thing I’d have to say is I struggled to get the kids out of the Adventure Playground! We must have been there over an hour; they were loving playing and running around in the fortress. Eventually after much persuasion we heading into the castle and gardens.

After walking through the ruins of the Tythe barn the first thing we met was the Koi Carpe located in a giant pond on the way to the house. We were lucky enough to be stood next to regulars who offered my kids a slice of bread to feed them. They loved this, huge ugly fish gasping up for a little lump of bread.

We headed along the track, taking in the amazing view of the Castle. It really is breath taking, it feels like your stepping back in time into a Jane Austin novel.

We queued to enter the dungeons and exhibition, the friendly tour guide talked to the kids about skeletons and skulls that have been found buried in the grounds and warned us to be on our guard when entering the haunted stairs. She told us that visitors had recently seen ghosts and one particular couple took a photo which has a lady dressed in green stood by the bed – spooky! Needless to say, the children got very excited at this point.

The exhibition is a huge array of historic pieces, from letters written by Catherine Parr to Roman artifacts and madame Tussauds collection of King Henry VIII and his six wives. There’s a great mix of enough to impress the kids through to lots of reading for serious history buffs.

We managed the haunted staircase without a sighting and headed on outside into the ‘knotted garden’. This is really spectacular, for our visit the sun really shone and the view was really splendid. The centre piece of the garden is colourful mosaics which collected the sunshine and glistened.

Walking through more ruins to the rear of the gardens where the yew trees lie. My children really loved these, they spent over an hour playing hide and seek and making new friends. Around me other adults lay on the grass enjoying the last of the Summer sunshine we have been fortunate to enjoy this September.

We visited St Marys church, it’s extremely grand, adorned with gold and delicate wooden carvings. Here Queen Katherine Parr lies entombed, she is the only English queen to be buried on private land.

Follow the track home through the secret garden and Pheasantry, here you will find a collection of unusual and colourful pheasants from all over the world.

Once back to the start you have that standard way out walk out through the gift shop… closely followed by normal ‘mooommmm can I get this?’. Once back to safe ground you will find the café shop, filled with drinks and ice creams, perfect timing to re fuel before wondering back to the Adventure Playground for another play!



Feeding the huge fish




Rear views by the Yew Tree’s

One of the rare pheasants

Henry VII and his six wives

The Knotted Garden

Sudeley Castle

Adventure Park fun





Presenting St Marys Church

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