The Importance of a Spa Day


5 Reasons Why a Spa Break at Ellenborough Park is Exactly What You Need. 

 Here at Ellenborough Park we know spa treatments and a good spa day are what you need this year, but if you need some more convincing take a look at the 5 reasons why we encourage you to visit our spa

  1. You deserve a break  – Trying to navigate this new normal has been challenging for us all and it’s time we gave ourselves a well needed break. Distract your mind from the chaos going on all around and give your brain some dedicated time to focus only on you. Sweat out the negativity in the steam room after you bubble away all your worries in the jacuzzi.
  2. Give yourself a mood boost – With the winter months upon us, the hours of daylight are beginning to diminish. Fewer hours of sunlight means we need to find alternative ways to boost our mood the perfect way to release all the upbuilt tension.
  3. Get ahead of the game with an early Christmas present – Avoid the yearly panic when you realise you forgot someone on your Christmas present list and treat someone to a gift voucher or spa experience. From your mum to granny, your best friend or special someone, presents don’t get much better than a spa day.
  4. Working from home – Working from home seemed appealing at first, with a much less stressful commute and an extra hour in bed each morning. Several months later, with our backs in agony from the dining room chairs the novelty soon went away.

Our exclusive, intimate spa offers indulgent Elemis products and bespoke treatments to suit everyone. Your spa day package includes use of the facilities and fluffy robes and slippers, so you can truly indulge in some relaxation. The outside pool is fully heated all year around and our indoor jacuzzi, steam room, sauna & relaxation area are available for your use.


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