Hidcote Gardens & Dovers Hill

The gardens at Hidcote are designed as outdoor rooms. There are beautiful trees, flowers, shrubs, and water features included in the designs. Whatever of time year you make your visit, there is always something special to see. You can see The Pillar Garden, The Bathing Pool Garden, The Red Borders and Gazebo. Sounds intriguing? It is. You can see parts of the Manor and learn about its history including the life of Major Lawrence Johnstone, who created the garden and about The Arts and Crafts Movement (which is very much part of The Cotswolds History). Only assistance dogs are allowed in the premises, although after your visit, you can give your dog a good run round in the fields adjacent to the gardens. Or go up to Dovers Hill, which offer stunning panoramic views over the Vale of Evesham. Dover’s Hill is free to visit.
Entrance to Hidcote: Adults £8, Children £4