Stanway House, Fountain, Gardens, & Watermill

Approximately 25-minute drive from Ellenborough

A lovely afternoon. Head to Stanton Village beautiful Cotswold Village about 11am have some lunch at The Mount try and book and ask for a view of the gardens looking over the village.

After a delicious lunch, head to the fascinating Stanway House (Open June, July and August from 2pm to 5pm).

You might recognise it!

Inside you will find a scrap book which tells of all the Films and TV programs it has been used for. The House is still in use by Lord Wemyss and family and has been in the family since the 16th Century. The previous 800 years by Tewkesbury Abbey. It has amazing gravity fountain which plays twice each afternoon. Then you go to the Stanway Watermill. Fully restored 13th Century Watermill. Very popular in first lockdown!
Cost Adults £11 Children U14 £5.00 (House and garden)
£3 & £2 for Watermill. It’s old school…Cash only! Head back to Ellenborough Park for a swim and dinner!