Staying Safe Together…We will  

  • Always welcome you with a friendly smile however it will be from a safe distance.
  • Not lose our personal touch however we will be operating a contactless check-in/check-out
    service where possible and encouraging you to pre-pay to reduce interactions.
  • Mark out a safe distance to queue – It’s what Brits were born to do!
  • Make way for our guests to pass safely, please don’t be surprised if you see a member of the team
    walking away to maintain a safe distance. Our job is to keep you and our team safe.
  • Refrain from holding doors open and limit contact in ‘high touch’ areas.
  • Supply safety stations with sanitiser, wipes and gloves at key points throughout the hotel.
  • Encourage you to use the bathroom in your room although public toilets will be available.
  • Increase our cleaning rotations especially in ‘high touch’ areas, e.g. lift buttons, door handles etc.
  • Ensure our team return to work with completed health declarations to prove they are fit for work; they will also have completed our internal Covid19 training programme.
  • No longer offer buffets including breakfast service. We will be providing a Cotswold breakfast cooked to order from our kitchen or if you’d prefer, enjoy breakfast in bed.
  • Help you increase your step count by limiting lift usage and introducing ‘Flows’ a one-way system.
  • Only enter your room on request so we will not automatically clean your bedroom each day,
    it will only be on request, however the team will of course provide clean towels, sheets and toiletries.
  • We will provide less amenities in your room, we are not cutting corners just ensuring that risk is
    reduced and to make the cleaning process more thorough.
  • We know caffeine is important and will still serve you coffee upon request, we will deliver and leave outside your room in a de-sanitised box compromising of coffee machine, tea pot, mugs and accompaniments.
  • May use protective shields to protect both you and the team so please don’t be alarmed.
  • Be friendly and warm and would love to chat, just from a distance.


If at any stage you think we can do better, please let us know straight away, we want to learn, get it right and will improve to make you reassured.